How to get here?

Lunenburg is located about an hour from the city of Halifax, 80 minutes from the int'l airport, and 3 hours from Yarmouth.

From Hwy #103, take exit 11(direct) or exit 10 (sceneic). Both will lead you directly to Lunenburg.

As you enter the town proper, you will come to the three-way intersection of Falkland, Dufferin & Lincoln Streets where the Bluenose Lodge is located. Here you are at the junction of "New Town" and the historically-designated are called "Old Town."

The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg's unique architecture, shops, galleries and busy watrerfront are within an easy walk...but bring good shoes, the hills are steep.

Nearby are beautiful, frequently-deserted beache, quaint villages, and hidden coves reminiscent of pirates and their treasure. Perhaps you'll hear a foghorn, see a lighthouse, or find a visiting tall ship in port and be reminded of the great days of sail.